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Our service is ready to provide any kind of help connected with people search. It will make your life easier and fulfill it with the data you always wanted to get.

Easy to use: you won’t have any difficulty with the service

Very productive: in most cases, you won’t fail to find a person you need

Information provided is reliable, valid and correct

It’s not obligatory to possess much information to find a person you want

What is Wellnut?

Our people search is a powerful online platform that will allow you looking for people. The purposes of such a search can be various. However, it doesn’t really matter because we are here to assist you in any case. Even if you failed in people lookup before, it’s time to try again and you won’t complain!

There are many filters introduced on the website so you can choose yourself how to look for the people you need. It’s about to provide not only the essential data such as location, personal info, and phone number, but also some more details. They are the following: email address, financial and family details. A background search is also available.

How we can help?

family search

The first and foremost is looking for relatives because it’s one of the most essential parts of our lives. You will be able to find people you were striving to hear from.

criminal records

You never know what the person’s past may hide from you. Sometimes it really matters. Here we are to give you this information.

your future family

The service can be also used for looking for a love partner. There’s nothing wrong with it. The search engine can filter out the possible candidates.

marriage and divorce details

Such information is occasionally hidden due to many reasons. Our people search will help you to find out the truth that may change your life.


Sometimes you lose the connection with your best friends, many of whom were at the same school as you. The service can help you with this.

neighbors background

If you’ve just moved and want to know something about your neighbors, it’s more than possible.

How we can help?

How to find a person on Wellnut?

The mechanism of our people search is extremely simple and won’t confuse you.

step 1

Think about what person you want to look for and what’s the purpose. You should clearly understand why you want to get some data about this particular man or woman.

step 2

Try to get as much data as you want. If you manage to do this, the search will be more productive and you will possess more information. You can look for the person by name, but this is not really enough.

step 3

Enter the data you have into the empty spaces to get some more information about the person on the territory of the USA.

step 4

Enjoy the result you get!

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