Jane E Blanc


from New Orleans, LA

Also known as:
  • Jane Blanc

Jane Blanc Phones & Addresses

  • New Orleans, LA


  • Company:
    Shell oil - New Orleans, LA
    Mar 2010
  • Position:
    Record technician


  • School / High School:
    Champions School of Real Estate- Houston, TX
    Jan 2003
  • Specialities:
    Completed all courses, given Certificates in Real Estate


A people person • very detailed oreinted • very loyal to employer • tested as 'analytical' when employed by ...


Jane Le Blanc Photo 1

Jane Le Blanc Phillips Metairie, LA

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Shell Oil
New Orleans, LA
Mar 2010 to Mar 2011
Record Technician
Several Oil Companies
Various Cities, TX
May 1997 to Nov 2008
Petroleum Landman or Right-of-Way Agent
Darbonne Services Inc
La Place, LA
May 1993 to Mar 1997
Branch Manager for an environmental service company
Investprop, Ltd
Metairie, LA
Mar 1992 to Mar 1993
Entre' Computer Center
Metairie, LA
Jun 1991 to Mar 1992
Purchasing Agent
Department of Energy Contractors
Jefferson, LA
Sep 1983 to Apr 1991
Supervisor and Computer Operator
Consolidated Companies Inc
Jefferson, LA
Oct 1980 to Jul 1983
Purchasing Administrator
Champions School of Real Estate
Houston, TX
Jan 2003 to Jan 2003
Completed all courses, given Certificates in Real Estate
Donaldson Real Estate School
Metairie, LA
Jan 1997 to Jan 1997
Completed 'all' courses, given no degree though in Real Estate
Jefferson Trade School
Metairie, LA
Cobal Programming
A people person, very detailed oreinted, very loyal to employer, tested as 'analytical' when employed by Government Contractor (Dept. of Energy).
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Jane Blanc

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Rougon High School, Rougo...

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Fay Bonaventure (1961-1965),
Jane Leblanc (1954-1958),
Connie Tedford (1981-1985),
Misty David (1985-1986),
Thanh le (1974-1978)
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Belanger Memorial High Sc...

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Jane Leblanc (1993-1997),
Loretta Cormier (1973-1977),
Tyler Smith (2000-2004)


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Linda Jane LeBlanc Thomps

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Kelly Kneipp, Beth Courtney, Hayes Robert, Sherri Kramer Pocorello
Linda Jane LeBlanc Thompson
Jane Le Blanc Photo 6

Jane LeBlanc

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Nathan Brown, Kelsey Woodard Meyer, Jackie Diez, Malcolm Lee McNabb Jr.
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Alice Jane LeBlanc Abrams

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Jane LeBlanc Jimenez

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Billy Hayes, Brandon Mitchell, Gina Smith, Frank Tumillo, Kathy Stauffer
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Jane Leblanc

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Brady Anderson, Lindsy Owens, Nikita Chikita, Nick D'Agostino
Jane Le Blanc Photo 10

Rebecca Jane Leblanc

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Brandon Dwyer, Christine Dobson, Pam Chappell, Dezarae D. Phillips, Rav Pearman
Jane Le Blanc Photo 11

Jane LeBlanc Earle

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Donna Lamarche, Randy Simpson, Dawn Buell, Laurie Girdwood, Jane Thibeau Johnson
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Jane LeBlanc

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