Kirsten A Durbin

age ~50

from Marshville, NC

Also known as:
  • Kirsten Alicia Durbin
  • Kirsten Durbin
  • Kirsten Napier
  • Kristen Napier
  • Kristena Napier
Phone and address:
5901 Jerusalem Church Rd, Olive Branch, NC 28103

Kirsten Durbin Phones & Addresses

  • 5901 Jerusalem Church Rd, Marshville, NC 28103 • (704)3858366
  • 11 Deer Lake Trl, Wendell, NC 27591 • (919)3669337
  • Wilson, NC
  • Greenville, NC


  • Position:
    Clerical/White Collar


  • Degree:
    High school graduate or higher


Kirsten Durbin Photo 1

Art Teacher

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Marshville, NC

Art Teacher
Kirsten Durbin Photo 2

Kirsten Durbin

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Name / Title
Company / Classification
Phones & Addresses
Kirsten Durbin
6Th-8th Art
Union County Board of Education
Elementary/Secondary School
2827 Rdg Rd, Lake Park, NC 28079


Kirsten Durbin Photo 3

Kirsten Durbin Gray

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Teresa Collins Rogers, Theresa Winland, Monica Wood Yeater, Sara Beth O'Neil


Kirsten Durbin Photo 4

Dylan and Kirsten's Mommy...

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Kirsten Lynn Durbin 10-04-09. 21 Photos


Kirsten Durbin Photo 5

Cameron High School, Came...

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Kirsten Durbin (1990-1995),
Tonya Wright (1995-2001),
Dan Anderson (1985-1989),
Thomas West (1968-1975)


American Idol Shocker James Durbin Voted off?...

I am SHOCKED at the James Durbin departure last Night

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    13 May, 2011
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US Senators to LGBT Youth: It Gets Better

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    29 Jun, 2011
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Food Safety S.510- Are You Freakin Kidding Me...

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San Bernadino ACORN Prostitution Investigatio...

Isn't it a bit cryptic how these seven profligate spenders can endorse...

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Greta Van Susteran: Senate denies federal fun...

On the Record with Greta Van Susteran breaks the news that the senate ...

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Duettino Americain Op. 37 - Franz Doppler

performed by Canticle members Monika Durbin (flute) and Patrick Barber...

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    21 Jul, 2007
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    8m 6s

Name Design using Elements of Art Final video...

Final steps and finishing tips!

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Exchange between Secretary Nielsen & Senator ...

Senator Dick Durbin: "You said on Fox News that the president used str...

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