Leilani Greer

from Orlando, FL

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  • Orlando, FL
  • Abilene, TX


"Higher Ground" by Leilani Kilgore (Official ...

Official video for the single "Higher Ground" by artist Leilani Kilgor...

  • Duration:
    4m 55s

Photos: Family members mourn during the funer...

Funeral services were held for 1-year-old Leilani Dream Burley, whose ...

  • Duration:

Wednesday's Child: 11-Year-Old Leilani

Those who are close to Leilani describe her as being very bubbly, chat...

  • Duration:

'Less' author Andrew Sean Greer answers your ...

Andrew Sean Greer, author of our June pick for the NewsHour-New York T...

  • Duration:
    6m 25s

Meet the Artists Behind the Luster Mural | Lu...

Check out the fantastic mural to celebrate Luster by Raven Leilani, by...

  • Duration:
    2m 25s

Skyla and Leilani Gymnast~Leilani tells you a...

  • Duration:
    5m 17s

AMC's Dr. Leilani Alvarez is Named NYer of th...

  • Duration:
    1m 49s

Skyla and leilani gymnast~skyla tells you abo...

  • Duration:
    4m 51s


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