Robert W Heiges


from Waterford, PA

Also known as:
  • Robert Sheryl Heiges
Phone and address:
1478 Old State Rd, Waterford, PA 16441

Robert Heiges Phones & Addresses

  • 1478 Old State Rd, Waterford, PA 16441
  • Erie, PA


  • Position:
    Production Occupations

License Records

Robert W Heiges

Erie, PA 16501
License #:
MV022894L - Expired
Vehicle Board
Vehicle Salesperson

Us Patents

  • Viscosity Controller For Ink Pad Printers

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  • US Patent:
    7331703, Feb 19, 2008
  • Filed:
    Jun 28, 2004
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Ronald Hahn - Erie PA, US
    Steve Bullock - Erie PA, US
    Robert W. Heiges - Waterford PA, US
  • International Classification:
    B01F 15/02
    G01N 11/14
    G05D 24/00
  • US Classification:
    3661525, 73 5431, 137 92
  • Abstract:
    A viscosity controller automatically monitoring and controlling the viscosity of ink in a pad printing device on a continuous basis throughout the printing process includes a sealed ink cup having mounted thereon a motor with a paddle extending into the ink cup, a solvent tank in flow communication with the ink cup, and a valve for allowing selective amounts of the solvent to be added to the ink cup from the solvent tank. The viscosity of the ink in the cup creates torque on the paddle that affects the number of encoder pulses that are counted per time period by a motor encoder mounted to the motor, and the encoder pulses are counted and compared to a look up table stored in the microprocessor of the controller to determine if the valve should be opened to add diluting agent to the ink cup so that the ink viscosity can be maintained at a preset or predetermined value.
  • Constant Amplitude Controller And Method

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  • US Patent:
    43000835, Nov 10, 1981
  • Filed:
    Mar 19, 1979
  • Appl. No.:
  • Inventors:
    Robert W. Heiges - Erie PA
  • Assignee:
    Automation Devices, Inc. - Fairview PA
  • International Classification:
    G05B 1100
  • US Classification:
  • Abstract:
    There is disclosed a constant amplitude controller with feedback control for a vibratory feeder apparatus wherein a controlled rectifier is used to rectify the A. C. line voltage applied to the feeder solenoid and to control the voltage to the feeder solenoid. Triggering of the controlled rectifier is accomplished by a bias control signal which is composed of an A. C. phase shift voltage superpositioned by a variable D. C. bias voltage. Mechanical coupling is provided between the solenoid and a transducer which provides feedback to control logic circuitry. In the control logic circuitry, the signal received from the transducer is compared with a signal received from an operator adjusted potentiometer. In this manner, the desired amplitude of the vibrator apparatus is compared with the actual amplitude of the vibrator apparatus and, if there is a discrepancy, the control logic circuitry modifies the amount of control voltage being transferred by the controlled rectifier.


Robert Heiges Photo 1

Robert Heiges

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Rotem Lubman, Brianca Webster
Robert Heiges Photo 2

Robin Demitroff Heiges

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Chris Stoops, Matthew Johnson, Jennifer Dumbrille Tandy, Mandy Sue Gray Rineer


Robert Heiges Photo 3

Sharpsville High School, ...

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Michael Offie (1973-1977),
Scott Scurpa (1979-1983),
Robert Heiges (1954-1960),
Lynda Kennedy (1985-1986),
Thomas Lyden (1974-1977)
Robert Heiges Photo 4

Youngstown State Universi...

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Robert Herberger (1979-1982),
Jodi Kennedy (1992-1996),
Robert Heiges (1961-1965),
Diane Adamski (1978-1983),
Douglas Mehle (1959-1963)


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