Teresa L Sproul

age ~48

from Waterloo, NY

Also known as:
  • Teresa Spraul
  • Teresa Sprowl

Teresa Sproul Phones & Addresses

  • Waterloo, NY
  • 1147 County Road 147, Romulus, NY 14541 • (315)5856036 • (315)5856429
  • Wellsboro, PA
  • Seneca Falls, NY


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Teresa Sproul

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Arizona State University ...

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Teresa Sproul (2000-2004),
Mike Gregory (1983-1986),
Teresa Gilmour (1986-1990)
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Immaculate Conception Hig...

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Elizabeth Raburn (1998-2002),
Pam Flynn (1978-1982),
Teresa Bartozzi (1970-1974),
Margaret Jarboe (1967-1971),
Teresa Sproul (1962-1966)
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Judge Memorial Catholic H...

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Alyssa Blackburn (1999-2003),
Nathan Romero (1996-2000),
Teresa Sproul (1975-1979),
Domina Holbeck (1996-2000),
Eliza Johnson (1996-2000)
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Boise High School, Boise,...

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Teresa Sproul (1971-1975),
Jennifer Thompson (1993-1997),
Ryan Blaine (1996-2000),
Nicholas Sabala (1968-1972),
Scott Johnson (1980-1984)
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Brockton High School, Bro...

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Theresa Sproul (1972-1976),
Edith Kilsby (1979-1983),
Sallyann Bissett (1972-1976),
Roberta Taylor (1964-1967)


The 2010 Half Cut Film Festival

The Half Cut Awards, held this year on 22 April, took its glamour up a...

  • Category:
    Film & Animation
  • Uploaded:
    02 Jun, 2010
  • Duration:
    4m 44s

Teresa Sproul Gronk

Tee laughing.

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    2m 36s

Sanctification: Foundations - An Overview of ...

There is no fast track for growing in holiness. Sanctification is a da...

  • Duration:
    23m 49s

What Is Truth?: The Classic Collection with R...

What is truth? Pontius Pilate asked as Jesus stood trial. Many people ...

  • Duration:
    47m 20s

The Holiness of Christ: The Holiness of God w...

During His earthly ministry, even those who followed Jesus reacted in ...

  • Duration:
    33m 31s

The first thing Mother Teresa did every morning

The substance of the spiritual life is to be alone speaking heart-to-h...

  • Duration:
    2m 22s

The Trauma of Holiness: The Holiness of God w...

An encounter with the holiness of God is always a traumatic experience...

  • Duration:
    31m 20s

R.C. Sproul: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostol...

In the Nicene Creed, we confess that we believe in one, holy, catholic...

  • Duration:
    51m 35s

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